We Won GOLD... AGAIN!!!

By now everyone has all the scores and outcomes of the event. Italy was a wonderful host and I (Mark) certainly would be remiss not to thank all the people who worked VERY long hours during the event, and many who likely worked long hours before, during and after, so that we might have a smooth running and enjoyable event.

The venue was outstanding. While the second site was a bit of an add on, it worked perfectly well, and the primary site was both an excellent RC facility, as well as a nice restaurant and outdoor bar area to relax when not running around for the contest.

Most of the US team made a small additional investment to stay an extra day and take the local train to Venice for a day of site seeing. Even exhausted, which I think we all were, we ventured into Brescia at 8:30am to catch the train, a 90 min ride, and then took a water taxi to and around the islands, getting off at St. Mark's Square, then over to Murano and finally back to catch the train back to Brescia. I'll let the photo's do the talking, but it was a nice way to see a little bit of the famed Italian city on the water.

After that it was a very late night packing project for the guys. It takes hours to completely disassemble the planes and pack them for travel. A short nights sleep and off to the airport for the trek home.

I did utter a few choice curse words to the team as I was lugging the G*@ Da#@ Trophy box through miles of the Milan airport as a carry on. It's too fragile to check, and it does NOT fit in the overhead compartments of most planes...just saying. By the time I got through walking 17 miles in Newark, I was seriously considering suggesting we take a less qualified team in the future! #TeamManagerProblems #BetterThanLosing

Special thanks to ALL OF YOU that have supported this hobby, this sport, and this team over the many years that I've been involved.

Another final reminder to check out the Team Raffle!!!! It will run to the end of the month!

And Go Team USA!!! Muncie 2021!!

So on to the final results!!!

Individual Standings

1st - Christophe Paysant-Le Roux - France (9x WC!!)
2nd - Testsuo Onda - Japan
3rd - Gernot Bruckmann - Austria
4th - Stephan Kaiser - Liechtenstein
5th - Andrew Jesky - USA!!
6th - Lassi Nurila - Finland
7th - Sandro Matti - Switzerland
8th - Jason Shulman - USA!!
9th - Koji Suzuki - Japan
10th - Juan Rombaut Segarra - Spain

Team Standings

1st - USA!!!!!!
2nd - Japan
3rd - Switzerland

Jr. Individual

1st - Kal Reifsnyder - USA!!
2nd - Alessandro Panzanini - Italy
3rd - Yuval Ben Israel - Israel

Here are some photos of the awards and finalists!!!

TeamUSAGoldMedal 1   KalReifsnyder

Welcome to the official website of the 2019 USA F3A team!  The 2019 F3A World Championships are being held in Calcinatello, Italy from August 1st until August 11th.  The official website for the F3A World Championships is located here.

2018 F3A Team (Small)

The 2019 USA F3A World Championship team and team manager - from left to right are Jason Shulman, Andrew Jesky, Brett Wickizer, Kal Reifsnyder (Junior) and Mark Atwood (TM).  Their pictures and bio show up on the "Meet the Team" page.

As most of you know our national organization (AMA) sponsors our FAI Teams but this valuable sponsorship only pays for a small portion of the costs to send a team to a World Championship.  Since the team funding only accounts for a small portion of the cost, we really need to rely on our fellow modelers to help us with fundraising to make up for the extra money to defray the costs that our team will incur.  Italy is a long way from the USA and the cost of airfare alone is expensive and then we also have to ship our planes and support equipment over there as well.