Welcome to the official website of the 2017 USA F3A team!  The 2017 F3A World Championships are being held in Villa Gesell, Argentina from November 3rd until November 12th.  The official website for the F3A World Championships is located here.

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The 2017 USA F3A World Championship team, callers and team manager - from left to right (top to bottom) are Jason Shulman, Dave Stoddart, Andrew Jesky, Kevin Young, Brett Wickizer, Bryan Hebert, Mark Atwood (TM), Joseph Szczur (Junior) and Don Szczur.  Unfortunately due to Brett being hired on as a pilot for PSA Airlines he is unable to go to the World Chamionships and AC Glenn (who is the alternate) will be taking his place.  Not pictured are AC Glenn and his caller Al Glenn - their pictures and bio show up on the "Meet the Team" page.

As most of you know our national organization (AMA) sponsors our FAI Teams but this valuable sponsorship only pays for a small portion of the costs to send a team to a World Championship.  Since the team funding only accounts for a small portion of the cost, we really need to rely on our fellow modelers to help us with fundraising to make up for the extra money to defray the costs that our team will incur.  Argentina is a long way from the USA and the cost of airfare alone is expensive and then we also have to ship our planes and support equipment over there as well.

We Won!!!

Ok, that's old news... but it really was never officially posted here!  Sorry for the long delay... It's been a long week of getting unburied after the long trip.  So the short version: Team USA had all four members in the finals.  The finals themselves where a bit in debate as the early morning had ferocious winds.  7 of the 10 finalists officially voted to NOT fly due to the conditions... THAT should tell you something.  Safety and risk to equipment seemed to be the primary motivators as certainly everyone wanted the opportunity to demonstrate their ability.  The vote though had to be unanimous, so, we flew.  It seemed completely crazy at first, but as the day wore on, and airplanes continued to land safely, it seemed like the right choice was made, even with the harsh conditions.  For the sport, and the spectators, it was quite a show of talent.  In the end, we had a new World Champion, a repeating Jr. World Champion, and a FOUR TIME Team World Champion!!!  So on to the final results!!!

Individual Standings

1st - Tetsuo Onda - Japan - Your new World Champion!!!
2nd - Christophe Paysant-Le Roux - France
3rd - Jason Shulman - USA!!!
4th - Andrew Jesky - USA!!!
5th - Gernot Bruckmann - Austria
6th - Lassi Nurila - Finland
7th - Stefan Kaiser - Lichtenstein
8th - Joseph Szczur - USA!! 2 time Jr. World Champion!!!
9th - AC Glenn - USA!!! Finalist in his first WC's!
10th* - Robin Trumpp - Germany

*Note, Robin Trumpp was ill and unable to compete during the finals

Team Standings

1st - USA!!!!!!
2nd - Japan
3rd - France

Jr. Individual

1st - Joseph Szczur - USA!! 
2nd - David Ocsai - Hungary
3rd - Santos Meneguzzi - Argentina

Here are some photos of the awards and finalists!!!

   Argentina 2
Argentina 3 Argentina 4
Argentina 5 Argentina 6
Argentina 7 Argentina 8
Argentina 9 Argentina 10
Argentina 11