Andrew Jesky

This is Andrews 8th time returning to the World Championships and he's very excited for the contest to be at home.  He's looking forward to seeing the competitors from all over the world and meeting new people.

His F3A accomplishments are as follows:

  • 7-time US F3A Nationals Champion
  • 8-time US F3A World Team Member (2007-2021)
  • 6-time US F3A World Team Captain

Sponsors: Futaba, Hacker, Thunder Power, Powerbox-Systems, ADC Graphics, Falcon Props, F3A Unlimited, Central Hobbies

Andrew & Kevin (Small)


Jason Shulman

Jason is 46 years old and lives in the Orlando, Florida area.  Having started flying at 3 1/2 and been at the field since a newborn, it’s no wonder his passion for model airplanes is so deeply rooted. For Jason, flying runs 3 generations deep with his grandfather Leon (flew until he was 96), father Don, and brother David.  The 4th generation, his niece and nephew, are both established fliers as well.  He has been competing in pattern since his first contest in 1981 and competed in F3A since 1990.  It’s not just pattern aerobatics but he has also been flying Giant Scale for 30 years and competing for 26 years in various events topped off by becoming the IMAC World Champion (Individual and Team) in 2018. Jason has also performed in numerous airshows and training seminars around the world and also enjoys flying pylon, gliders, scale and jets.  He's honored to have flown Unmanned Aerial Vehicle’s doing training for the government as well.

His F3A accomplishments are as follows:
  • 12-time US F3A World Team Member (10-time Finalist, 9-time top 8)
  • 3rd place in 2017 Worlds in Argentina
  • 3-time US F3A World Team Captain
  • 4-time US F3A Pattern National Champion (2004, 07, 08, 17)
  • 2008, 2012 and 2014 PanAmerican Open Internacional F3A Champion

Jason is looking forward to going to Muncie with the team and helping Team USA accomplish big goals in 2021.

Sponsors: Futaba, Tuny Pro, JTEC, Thunder Power, AJ Aircraft, CA Model, Brenner Contra, Plettenberg and Vel-Tye.


Pete Collinson 

Pete is from Atlanta, GA and is an Airbus A320 pilot.
• 25 Years of R/C Flying Experience
• 2020-2021 U.S. F3A World Team Member
• Multi-Time U.S. F3A FAI Finalist
• 3-Time U.S. National AMA Pattern Champion
Sponsors: F3A Unlimited

Pete Collinson 3


Greyson Pritchett (Junior)

Greyson is from Muncie, IN. and is 16 years old and a Junior at Muncie Central HS.  He participates in the early college program through Ivy Tech and is in the National Honor Society.  He has a landscape business and enjoys fishing and kayaking.

• 2019 F3P U.S. World Team
• 2021 F3A U.S. World Team
• 2019 U.S. Nationals 3rd FAI
• 2015 U.S. Advanced National Champion

Sponsors: AJ Aircraft, Futaba USA, F3A Unlimited, Strick Model Products


Jenn Kimball

Jenn is a relative newcomer to pattern flying and competition, but has dabbled in various styles of radio controlled flying for over 17 years.  She is also a full-scale pilot working on her instrument rating and owns a Thorp T-18.  Jenn is excited to be a part of the team, and to get a chance to fly with pattern enthusiasts from all over the world! 

Sponsors: F3A Unlimited
Jenn KImball 4


Joseph Szczur

This is my 5th consecutive F3A World Championship and I am very excited to see it being held in the USA. I am looking forward to competing against the best pilots in the world and making more happy memories with everyone once again.
Short list of accomplishments:
  • 2x Junior World Champion
  • 2x F3A World Championship finalist*
  • 4x F3A, 3x F3P, and 2x F1D World Championship competitor
  • Multi-time NATS finalist 
Sponsors: Horizon Hobby, CK Aero, Xtreme Composites, Thunder Power Batteries, Brenner Contra Units, Tmotor
Joseph 3

Tim Pritchett - Team Manager