Welcome to the official website of the 2021 USA F3A team!  The 2021 F3A World Championships will be held at the International Aeromodeling Center (AMA HQ) in Muncie, Indiana, from July 11th to the 20th, 2021.  The official website for the F3A World Championships is located here.

2018 F3A Team (Small)

The 2021 USA F3A World Championship team - from left to right are Greyson Pritchett (Junior), Pete Collinson, Andrew Jesky, Jason Shulman, and Jen Kimball, Joseph Szczur (not pictured) and Tim Pritchett - Team Manager (not pictured).  Their pictures and bio show up on the "Meet the Team" page.

As most of you know our national organization (AMA) sponsors our FAI Teams but this valuable sponsorship only pays for a small portion of the costs to send a team to a World Championship.  Since the team funding only accounts for a small portion of the cost, we really need to rely on our fellow modelers to help us with fundraising to make up for the extra money to defray the costs that our team will incur.  Muncie isn't much of a haul but it still costs a lot of money to house and feed the team and also the support equipment that will be needed.